Product innovation design

To forge ahead, to forge new

        "Innovation" is the driving force for the enterprise to flourish. Only continuous innovation can supplement fresh blood to the enterprise and make it undefeated and stable development in the increasingly fierce market competition. The spirit of innovation requires us to constantly update our market concepts, management concepts and technical levels, open up new business areas, develop new products and services, adopt new work management methods, and provide more and better services for employees and customers.
Spacious and bright modern factory building, division of labor fine technical process. Meticulous working attitude is the guarantee of "first-class quality and first-class service". The company adheres to the combination of quality and management benefits, and adheres to the principle of "market-oriented, customer-oriented, and user-oriented" to constantly meet customer needs, strengthen quality management, strengthen process control means, implement full participation, and conduct systematic quality awareness education and post training for employees.
To forge ahead, to forge new. We have established the enterprise technology center, we have an excellent research and development technology team, we have a set of attractive research and development reward model, we adhere to the "serious, strict, innovative, efficient" team spirit. For talent, we are always looking for talents, for technology, and for innovation.

Company set up r&d center in 2008, established the system of r&d project management in the research and development spending and the accounting management system, the technology research and development centers set up files notice "industry-university-institute cooperation management system" "technology award and implementation of scientific and technological achievements transformation incentive measures for the innovative entrepreneurial platform construction (automation system of teaching practice base construction in pilot < >)", "science and technology personnel training and staff training management system of science and technology talent training and incentive mechanism of the talents introduction of measures for the administration of the r&d staff performance appraisal and reward systems such as incentive r&d team of innovative research and development system and method. In order to further enhance the company's research and development ability, the innovation of new products, the company with the fuzhou university institute of mechanical engineering and automation to establish long-term cooperation between colleges and practice base, set up the teaching practice base, the two sides to technical cooperation projects, new products and equipment research and development plan, on the basis of research and technical research, encourage research and development achievements to industrialization, and to the market rapidly, improve enterprise's production capacity and competitiveness, obtain good economic benefit and social benefit.

Company attaches great importance to intellectual property rights since was established, by insisting on technology and management innovation, continuous improvement by using self-developed patent technology level, improve the management level and market service ability, also has the patent of advanced production equipment, mature manufacturing experience, stable technology, from feed to mass production each stage set up a perfect detection system, to provide a reliable guarantee of quality control. In the past three years, the company has carried out 10 research and development projects, obtained 1 invention patent, 8 utility new patents, and timely adapted to the market demand, conducted 15 scientific and technological achievements transformation, the average annual 5, the results of excavator parts and accessories series, caterpillar assembly series products..

All we do is to enhance the competitiveness of "four-wheel" brand in the fierce market and make four-wheel products become a synonym of high quality!

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